Crude Oil Investing

Crude Oil Commodity Demand

A crude oil commodity investment can be highly lucrative. Crude oil is one of the most important commodities in the constantly growing global economy. It is responsible for driving the global economy more than any other source of energy. The crude oil commodity remains the single most important driving force of war and it is a vital component of waging a prolonged conflict.


Global demand for crude oil has increased continually over the past 10 years and most predictions are that it will definitely continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

The upward trend in the demand for crude oil can be seen in the figure below. Note that in 2016 the world demand for crude oil was 96.3 million barrels per day and that is projected to increase to 97.5 million barrels per day in 2017.

There have been many millionaires created through crude oil investments in this century, as well as in the past century. There are two different approaches that one can take when making a crude oil investment. One approach is to participate in a crude oil investment opportunity by yourself or with several or many others, where you own a percentage of a crude oil asset. Another approach is where you buy crude oil stocks in which case you have ownership in a public company that has crude oil assets.

Whether you want to invest in or purchase your own crude oil asset, you want to invest in crude oil assets with others, or you want to buy crude oil stocks in a public company that has crude oil assets, ACQU Energy can assist you in all three of these cases. You may be a seasoned crude oil and gas investor or you may be new to crude oil and gas investing and want to diversify your investment portfolio to include crude oil and gas. You may be a high net worth individual who is interested in having a majority or sole ownership position in crude oil assets. However you would like to make a crude oil commodity investment, ACQU Energy can help you.

Why Make a Crude Oil Investment Now?

The market timing looks to be perfect for investing in the crude oil commodity assets while the price of crude oil is under $65 per barrel. This puts an investor in an excellent position to directly benefit from the anticipated rise of crude oil prices over the next several years for the demand reasons mentioned above. In February of 2016 the price of crude oil dropped to a low of $26.19 per barrel. Since that time, the overall trend for the price of crude oil has been up. On September 20, 2017 crude oil closed at $50.29 per barrel, which means the price of crude oil has almost doubled from its lowest point in 2016. So it looks like the momentum is definitely on the upside. Crude oil supplies have been shrinking and crude oil demand is steadily increasing. The supply and demand equation is a key driver of the price of crude oil and the equation has been getting better and better as each month goes by.

What the ACQU Energy Team Provides to Crude Oil Investors

To be successful in Crude Oil Investing, you need a seasoned team of crude oil and gas industry professionals with the experience, knowledge, perseverance, and vision that can deal with the challenges faced in today’s crude oil and gas market. Our team successfully navigated through the five major downturns in the crude oil market dating back to the 1980’s. In every case the downturn was reversed and crude oil prices recovered. Those who successfully navigated through the downturns profited handsomely when oil prices rebounded.

Our team has an impressive track record with over 150 years of combined experience in every aspect of the crude oil and gas industry from small to large scale operations. This team knows how to efficiently and cost effectively extract crude oil from geologic crude oil bearing formations and knows how to deliver results. The team’s strengths are listed below.

  • Crude oil field exploration
  • Gas gathering and compression
  • Crude oil and gas lease acquisitions
  • Pipeline and refining operations
  • Crude oil and gas lease operations
  • Drilling new wells
  • Developing new technology for more efficient extraction of crude oil and gas
  • Crude oil and gas field development
  • 4D seismic with reservoir simulation
  • Drilling new crude oil and gas wells
  • Crude oil reservoir engineering
  • Reworking old crude oil and gas wells
  • Crude oil reservoir geophysics
  • Waterflood programs for crude oil and gas wells
  • Geology pertaining to crude oil and gas formations


Why Chose ACQU Energy for a Crude Oil Investment?

ACQU Energy is based in the heart of the most prolific oil producing region in America: Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Louisiana. Since they have been operating in this area for the past 30+ years, they thoroughly understand this top crude oil producing area of North America and are focused like a laser on it.

ACQU Energy has a highly skilled and experienced team of crude oil and gas industry professionals and a company culture that puts a high value on investors, shareholders, and stakeholders. The company believes in establishing trust, operating with full transparency and integrity, as well as maintaining credibility in every aspect of the business. It is a high priority for the company to provide crude oil investors and shareholders with a good return on their investment.

The ACQU Energy team has extensive relationships and high level contacts in the crude oil & gas industry that can directly benefit crude oil investors by giving them access to high quality, premium crude oil and gas assets with large underground proven crude oil reserves that have existing crude oil production, as well as a much higher crude oil production potential through development. These crude oil and gas assets can in many cases be acquired at prices significantly below the market value and before they are put on the market for sale.